The 7 best Database software recovery tools

In this article, will examine the 7 best Database software recovery tools may employ to quickly restore their databases to operation. We searched for relational database management systems like SQL Server backup and recovery systems using this set of parameters.

SysTools SQL Recovery – database software recovery

SysTools SQL Recovery offers database software recovery solution in addition to system repair. If your database files become damaged, it can rebuild your instance. Additionally, you may restore specific objects, such tables, triggers, and indexes, thanks to the backup system it offers. The table recovery system also offers the capability of data recovery.

If you’re wanting to do a SQL repair on an older server, SysTools is a fantastic alternative because it can run on 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. It also works in a variety of scenarios. SysTools can retrieve and export indexes, keys, triggers, and rules, unlike some recovery programs that can only recover tables, which can take endless hours to reconstruct.

SysTools SQL Recovery - database software recovery
SysTools SQL Recovery – database software recovery


  • database software recovery, supports SQL backup and offsite replication
  • Can repair corrupted databases
  • Provides an easy method to view the structure of your database.
  • Affordable for most businesses


  • Not the best option for enterprises

DataNumen SQL Recovery

Database software recovery is a package that is quite similar to the SysTools tool. When MDF files are corrupted, it can fix them and create new ones for you, which you should access using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to recover specific objects.

DataNumen performs a large number of repairs on the file before automatically saving the “fixed.mdf” file. You’ll be able to login to your SQL environment from the same window and mount the freshly produced (and hopefully fixed) MDF file. You may observe the SQL recovery process in operation after authentication and finally receive a message informing you that it is finished.


  • Can repair and analyze MDF files
  • Uses a simple easy to use interface
  • Supports NDF files as large as 16TB
  • Runs on earlier versions of Windows, which is useful for older databases.


  • For tiny to medium-sized datasets, it is more appropriate

Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery

A versatile SQL repair program called Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery can restore database files that were produced on either Windows or Linux systems. This implies that Ext2/3/4 in Linux and NTFS and ReFS may both be recovered from using Diskinternals.

For the purpose of fixing database files, the platform offers two different MSSQL recovery mechanisms.

The possibility that you can recover and access additional tables and database items is increased by using the “Repair existing database” method, which works around particular damaged regions.

Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery
Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery

When used in database software recovery mode, MSSQL Recovery may directly restore deleted databases and objects.


  • Capable of NTFS, ReFS, and Ext2/3/4 format recovery
  • Use a straightforward user interface and supports bigger datasets
  • Outstanding choice for small and medium-sized databases
  • Offers a free trial


  • Could use more database visualization

Stellar SQL Repair

A simple SQL Server system file repairer is Stellar SQL Repair, also known as Stellar Repair for MS SQL. You may use it to restore a complete database and correct damaged MDF and NDF files. In order to let you repopulate your recovered items, it may regenerate data files. For selective single-object recovery, this system does not have an object picker.

This tool’s ability to operate on Linux gives it an edge over the others on this list. Although many software vendors of SQL Server utilities tend to forget that the DBMS is also available for Ubuntu, SLES, and RHEL, SQL Server is firmly connected with Windows.


  • Very user-friendly tool that requires minimal effort to master.
  • MDF and NDF repair is supported
  • Can keep an eye on and notify you of SQL events like crashes and running out of storage space.
  • Provides adaptability in licensing for organizations of any size.


  • Could use more database visualization

Aryson SQL Database Recovery

MDFs and NDFs may be repaired using Aryson SQL Database Recovery, which also comes with a data viewer so you can inspect and pick specific items to restore. You may extract database software recovery to an XML file using the program as well. Linux is not compatible with this program, however Windows Server and Windows will.

Aryson scans and fixes faulty database objects after navigating to your MDF file. It also attempts to recover lost entities and rectify header file corruption. Once finished, you may manually search the database, inspect the recovered files, and even choose each one out to save it in its original format.


  • Supports unlimited file licensing and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Has an easy-to-use UI that is instructive
  • Supports both current and legacy Windows Server versions


  • Some Aryson functions might not be utilized by smaller organizations.

ApexSQL Recover

The program ApexSQL Recover is a lot more advanced database software recovery than the others on this list. The other database software recovery tools on this page, however, depend on the ability to repair SQL Server system files and select objects from them. Periodically, this system generates backup files on its own and provides rollback capabilities.

ApexSQL Recover promotes itself as a step in the backup, recovery, and testing process, in contrast to the majority of the products on this list that concentrate on correcting corrupted data. Apex puts itself in the way of the backup process so that it may record and replay any transactions that happen there.

ApexSQL Recover
ApexSQL Recover


  • A fantastic option for large-scale businesses
  • Supports replacing data without rolling back changes
  • Utilizes a stylish and flexible interface
  • Allows for easy BDR and table replacement processes


  • Is more expensive than comparable tools on the list


Any of these programs should do the job well if you need to do a database software recovery tools or restore lost data in a hurry. For its simplicity of use and reasonable pricing, SysTool SQL Database Recovery is our top choice when it comes to fixing damaged data.

When used in conjunction with a conventional server backup method, ApexSQL Recover gives more options for SQL data recovery for a powerful solution that primarily serves as a backup. Hope you choose a suit database software recovery through this article.


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